A strategic process

In the projection of your business

In the case of a foreigner or an Argentinian who does not reside in the province, we offer the following services:

Project management

We make a layout of the entrepreneurship or business; we calculate the investment, profitability and returns. Once approved, we set out on the final Project.


We examine in detail costs of materials, labor and current expenses.

We develop financial analysis, with future cash projection based on possible operating expenses and potential income.

According to the result, we evaluate which kind of company is more convenient to set up and we give legal, administrative and banking advice.

Plan Start up

Once the necessary analysis has been determined, we do whatever necessary to start up the project, commercial company, opening of accounts, registration in different institutions, thus setting up the legal basis necessary to start up your business.


We search, find and offer different alternatives of lots of land and/or estate which respond to the interest of the plan.

Business and its staff

According to the type of business we can offer the search for qualified personnel for the project.

Documents and contracts

We draw up all documents and contracts that your business needs for a safe, legal and convenient operation.

Once this stage has finished, the foreigner or the Argentinian non-resident in the province can entrust us with the management of financial, commercial and legal issues, or manage them him/herself with our advice for a given period.