Development field in Mendoza

Endless possibilities in the land of the Sun

Renewable energy

In September 2007, Mendoza was declared the producer of 50% of the renewable energy in the country.

Wine Development

Mendoza, the capital of Malbec, owes its development to the wine industry and gives a wide range of offers and demands.


Our soil and its extensions are favorable for other productions, alternatives to vineyards, giving place to other opportunities.

Tourism and Hotel Industry

Mendoza is one of the most important touristic destinations in Argentina and the indexes are still rising thus enlarging possibilities of undertaking and developing business.


It is one of the touristic attractions mostly required internationally, we have protected and unique areas for a sustainable development of the activity.

Real Estate development

With a 23% growth rate, the real estate development is exponential.

Offers in progress

There are new entrepreneurs available