Professional services

For the entrepreneur of today

Our team is trained to explain and advise you at the beginning, development and start-up of the business as well as to accompany you in your insertion in the local market.

We have qualified real estate professionals to give good advice to the client thus saving time and money in the purchase or sale of property, taking care of the client’s interests.

The following are the main services we offer to foreign and Argentinian investors:

Project achievement

We deal with analysis, management, development and achievement of real estate developments both in urban and rural areas, in a working environment of professional transparency, honesty and responsibility.

Tax management

We manage the tax return for non-residents and deliver fortnightly or monthly reports, certified by notaries, thus allowing the client to concentrate on the strategic aspect of his/her business.

How to do business in Argentina

We advise and train in the most critical issues about business development in Argentina; we know the legal, social and cultural paths which will allow you to successfully develop your business.


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